Discover our team, the programme and the specialities of our tennis instructors

Christophe Thys

Christophe ThysDirector of the Brussels Tennis School

  • Best ranking: B-15/2
  • Bachelor in Management and Accounting
  • AFT certificate
  • Participation in ATP Futures tournaments
  • Division 1 and 2 national player in Interclub for 6 years
Bernard Michel

Bernard MichelMini-Tennis

  • Tennis instructor at the Royal Brussels Lawn Tennis Club since 1990
  • In charge of mini-tennis and psychomotor training at the Brussels Tennis School
  • Level 3 AFT certificate
  • Best ranking: B-15
  • Speciality: Mini-Tennis and teaching beginners
  • « Do it, but with enthusiasm »
Charles Vialatte

Charles VialatteMini-Tennis

  • A versatile tennis instructor at the Royal Brussels Lawn Tennis Club for three years. A genuine product of the club, and a member since childhood
  • Ranked B-4/6
  • Charles aspires to communicate the love of the game with passion and professionalism
  • With a mini-tennis certificate, Charles can boast of having a Master in Finance
Bruno Bloquet

Bruno BloquetRecreational Tennis

  • Instructor and coach at the Royal Brussels Lawn Tennis Club since 1990
  • Head of recreational tennis at the Brussels Tennis School
  • A real aficionado of all aspects of tennis, Bruno advocates targeted instruction, adapted depending on the profile of the student. He believes in the fun of the game while being highly attentive to the technical aspects of teaching
  • Level 3 AFT certificate
  • Motto: Never give up, in life or on the court
Alexandra Bérenger

Alexandra BérengerCompetition and Adult Tennis

  • Head of competitive tennis at the Brussels Tennis School
  • Best ranking: Belgian national A 13th
  • Specialises in adult, recreational and competition classes
  • Coach in Brussels for 6 years
  • Level 2 AFT certificate
  • Member of the women’s national paddle tennis team
  • Quote : « Always see the positive side of things »
Raphael Jonckhere

Raphael JonckhereAdult Tennis

  • Level 2 AFT certificate
  • USPTR certificate
  • Head of adult classes at the Brussels Tennis School
  • Best ranking: B+2/6
  • Instructor and Coach at the Royal Brussels Lawn Tennis Club for 23 years
Nicolas Beaufort

Nicolas BeaufortIntroductory, Recreational and Competitive Tennis

  • Graduate in physical education, Haute Ecole Francisco Ferrer
  • Best ranking: B-15/4
  • Adaptation, determination and flexibility
  • Specialises in introductory, recreational and competitive tennis
  • Participation in ATP Futures tournaments
  • Division 1 and division 2 national Interclub
  • Quote : « Be the change you want to see in the world » Gandhi
Nadège Maes

Nadège MaesMini-Tennis

  • Tennis instructor at the Royal Brussels Lawn Tennis Club for 3 years
  • Specialises in Mini-tennis and Psychomotor Skills and Recreation
  • Best ranking: B+4/6
  • Bachelor in Communication, and currently pursuing law studies
  • « Nothing is easy, but anything is possible »
Anthony Rosmarin

Anthony RosmarinRecreational, Adult and Children’s Tennis

  • A tennis instructor for 15 years, Anthony has specialised in adult and children’s recreational classes at the Tennis Club Uccle Churchill and Tennis Couverts Montjoie for 3 years
  • Best ranking: B-2/6
  • AFT training in progress
  • Anthony advocates learning tennis by playing
  • « When you are yourself, you always have value; when you copy, you are no longer anything; Quote from Mary Sarah Newton; Various essays, letters and thoughts (1852)
Serge Deree

Serge DereeMini-Tennis, Recreational and Adult Tennis

  • Versatile tennis instructor at Tennis Couverts Montjoie for 20 years
  • AFT Level 1 certificate
  • USPTR certificate
  • Best ranking: B-2/6
  • For Serge, tennis and sport in general are a school of life, because they combine many demands that promote development. A child learns to achieve and to fight when confronted with difficulty
Yvan Denis

Yvan DenisMini-Tennis, Recreational and Adult Tennis

  • Current ranking: B-4/6 (best ranking B-15)
  • Several times Belgian singles and doubles champion
  • Director of Longchamp TC from 1990 to 2019
  • Special talent: I manage to communicate my enthusiasm to everyone who gets on the court, so that they progress while having fun
  • Quote: Do what you love, love what you do!
Gary Goudsmet

Gary GoudsmetMini-Tennis, Competitive Tennis

  • Ranking: b-15/4
  • Enthusiastic, motivated, and a super rapport with children
  • AFT training in progress