The educational program


“Endurance, precision, strength, flexibility... tennis is a complete sport that involves the body as a whole, but also the mind. This sport provides a number of health benefits. Due to the frequent changes of pace and sudden accelerations, playing tennis requires good cardiovascular capacities and good general health.”

The advantages of tennis

  • Allows overall muscle strengthening
  • The student can develop his/her abilities by playing
  • Develops cardiac capacity and enduranc
  • Increases flexibility
  • Allows students to meet each other and feel like a part of their clubb
  • Develops balance, coordination and dexterity
  • Concentration, adaptation, strategy, patience: tennis is also a mental sport


Baby tennis and pre-tennis, red balls, 8m court, 2015-2016

The different groups of the Brussels Tennis School and the fundamental work

  • Develop coordination and movement
  • Develop dexterity
  • Promote enjoyment of tennis by playing
  • Discover tennis in an enjoyable way
  • Develop creativity and imagination
  • Instil the group spirit and ability to get along with others

Mini-tennis, red balls, 12m court, 2013-2014

  • Learn to make exchanges in 2D
  • Learn the technical basics by playing
  • Learn the different motions through pictures appealing to the child
  • Learn to cooperate with others
  • Discover point counting
  • Improve balance
  • Develop motor skills and coordination

Mini-tennis, soft balls, 18m court, 2011-2012

  • Develop the five steps in learning
  • Learn to move and reposition yourself
  • Learn to make exchanges in 3D
  • Discover and learn the in-line stance
  • Refine your technique by playing
  • Begin to master set game strategies
  • Discover opposition and partnership

Mid ball tennis, 21m court, 2009-2010

  • Develop physical skills
  • Learn the movement and repositioning patterns
  • Discover and learn the open stance
  • Learn to exchange and engage with a partner
  • Improve your basic strokes (forehand, backhand, volley, service)
  • Learn the different ball trajectories
  • Learn set game strategies

Hard-ball tennis, 24m court, 2008 and older

  • Learn and refine the technical basics
  • Learn and refine the patterns of movement and repositioning
  • Discover the different stances: open, in-line, closed
  • Learn all the playing strategies
  • Learn the basic tactical concepts

Hard-ball tennis (adults)

  • Acquire skills related to personal objectives (tennis-related or physical)
  • Improve your health by playing tennis
  • Have access to schedules adapted to this player profile
  • Have access to all levels, from beginning to competition
  • Meet people in a warm and convivial athletic setting

The competitive team

  • Observe a warmup ritual before each training session or competition
  • Learn and refine the different movements
  • Learn and refine the movement and repositioning patterns
  • Improve your physical parameters: flexibility, endurance, elasticity, toning, fluidity in strokes, transfer of body weight, plyometrics work
  • Work on the mental aspect of players, depending on their experience and personality
  • Strengthen your strong stroke and improve your weak strokes
  • Improve your touch
  • Develop all the game strategies
  • Acquire and develop various values: hard work, punctuality, learning in a less recreational programme, respect for yourself and others
  • Defend the colours and values of the BTS in national or international tournaments or in Interclub

Structure of a group class

  • Minute 0 to minute 10: warmup or play depending on the group
  • Minute 10 to minute 30: technical or tactical work depending on the group
  • Minute 30 to minute 50: game situation involving the technical or tactical work done previously
  • Minute 50 to minute 60: free points or recreational play, assessment of the session and personalised feedback

Structure of the courses

  • Monday: work on consistency, forehand technique, ball toss when serving
  • Tuesday: work on consistency, recognising and creating an imbalance, backhand, loose and bent-arm serve technique
  • Wednesday: volley and smash, service, game situation
  • Thursday: review of all the work done during the week, game and match situations
  • Friday: friendly tournament
  • Morning: warmup, technical or tactical work, play
  • Afternoon: game situation, free points
  • Morning: warmup, muscle toning, after-match recovery, special physical training and tactical work
  • Afternoon: departure for official tournament or match at the club

Educational objectives

  • Uphold the values and functioning of the three BTS clubs
  • Respect the instructor and your partners during each class
  • Show behaviour that does not hinder proper progress of the session
  • Develop a competitive spirit while showing respect for the opponent
  • Demonstrate fair play under all circumstances
  • Show punctuality with regard to classes and courses
  • Respect the equipment and be mindful of the environment
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